Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My favourite place @ EDAE ♥ (ArtBox, Alchon, Redeye)

The commercial street between the Ewha Station and Ewha Women’s University is one of my favorite shopping and eating place !!! 

Direction Exits # 2 & 3 of Ewha Womans University Station (Subway Line 2)

Here are some shop that I always go ♥

Firstly, ♥ArtBox  아트박스 ♥the stationery shop at Korea. If you like cute stuff, artbox is a must-go shopping places for you !! adorable and inexpensive thing you can buy for yourself and also you friends and family ~~

Aww ~~ They even got sell sonny angel !!!

When I want to buy some accessory I will go ♥REDEYE♥. 

REDEYE offers a diverse collection of sophisticated accessories such as hats, earring, necklace, hair accessories, bracelet, ring etc.
 They do have branch in Malaysia but the price in Korea is cheaper than Malaysia.

And I love to go Tenpoint designer shoes co - the pretty blue to buy shoes .... 

Hungry after shopping ??
So, my favourite restaurant is ♥Alchon Premium ♥

I always order spicy Albab -the fish roe mixed rice.
They do have 4 level of spiciness which is mild, mild spicy, spicy and really spicy.
The albab cost only W3500 !!

log on : alchon.co.kr for more detail ♥

Thanks for reading and till next time ♥

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